Crab, lime and avocado salad

300 g mixed brown and white crab meat
2 thin spring onions
1 red chilli, deseeded
Half a cucumber, about 10 cms
2 small or 1 medium to large ripe avocados
sliced ciabatta bread

For the dressing:
1 tbsp palm sugar (alternatively golden caster sugar)
1 tbsp fish sauce
3 tbsp lime juice handful of coriander leaves, chopped

If you are up for it get yourself a cooked crab and pick all the meat out, I quite enjoy this but it is fiddly and takes time.  Ready dressed crab is widely available at supermarkets and fishmongers so use that instead.  Finely chop your chilli and srping onions.  Peel the cucumber and scrape out the seeds then dice into small cubes. Remove the avocado from the skin and again dice into small cubes.  Mix all these ingredients together and set aside.

Make up your dressing, by combining the palm sugar, fish sauce and lime juice.  Stir until the sugar is dissolved then add the coriander at the last minute.

Toast your ciabatta then rub with the cut side of a lime to release a little juice and drizzle over some extra virgin olive oil. Add your crabmeat to the avocado mixture, then pour over the dressing and gently fold using a fork to mix.  Dish up and serve with your ciabatta on the side.  This is a light supper for 2 so if you are hungry then double up the ingredients.

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