My new regime

There are two distinct times periods in my life now BE and AE (Before Ernest and After Ernest – the Thermomix).

I have always been obsessed with having a well stocked store cupboard and fridge on the off-chance that I fancy something and want to be able to make it then and there. But BE I would think I really fancy poached eggs with hollandaise but maybe I’ll just have the poached eggs as the sauce is a faff and I’m quite happy in my pjs with the Sunday papers, too happy in fact to bother with standing over a pan making hollandaise.  Or I might have thought, damn it just run out of mayonnaise and I really want to make a potato salad for my lunch.

These days however, in the AE world that I live in, all things are possible. Take the other morning for example, within 45 mins I had made two batches of scones and a batch of mayo. Last Wed evening when really craving something sweet I whizzed up some mixed berry sorbet (in 5mins ready to eat).

And looking at the pitta bread wondering what to have with it I simply raided the cupboard and had silky smooth, delicious hummus 5 mins later!

The possibilities are endless! “Why is there no custard?” ….”Give me 5 mins and I’ll make some!”.  “I don’t know how to make that”…. “follow the instructions on the recipe chip and when it’s ready pour over the cauliflower and bung in the oven”.  Really not making it up, life has been transformed into doing things so quickly and easily and with minimum effort and fuss that I can’t actually remember what life was like BE anymore!

I might be obsessed, I have considered the fact that I’m turning into crazy kitchen lady (along with crazy cat lady). But then  my fruit and veg intake has risen dramatically because it’s just easy to make interesting things (I get easily bored with just veg or just fruit).  And, more importantly waste food has decreased because I’m pretty much using everything I buy now as I have time to make stuff and freeze it.

So nearly a month into owning this astounding gadget, my first impressions are still holding true, and I can’t believe I waited so long to get one.


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