Very cheesy scones, thanks Ernest! 

My first non soup creation, we tried a basic recipe during my demo of Ernest (the Thermomix for anyone who didn’t read my last post).  They didn’t quite turn out as I hoped for a number of reasons, the basic recipe is very basic and not really as flavoursome as my palate likes, and secondly we forgot the baking powder and used plain flour as we were chatting so they didn’t rise that well. That said due to the lightness of the dough produced they didn’t taste too bad!

Anyway, being a lover of both scones and cheese I had to give these the JoolsKitchen treatment but tweaking the basic recipe and seeing what happpened!

So the basic recipe is something like 450g self raising flour, 120g butter, pinch of salt, 1 tsp baking powder – you then whiz all these up to get ridiculously fine breadcrumbs. Then add 120g mature cheese, this is where I departed from the recipe by adding 120g vintage cheddar, 20g aged Parmesan, a handful of chopped chives, freshly ground pepper and 1/4 tsp English mustard powder. Then you whiz it all up again for 5 seconds so everything is well mixed.  Next I added 250g semi skimmed milk – remember Ernest can weigh mid recipe so you can add stuff straight in the bowl, then a quick mix for another 10 seconds and then the kneading option for 30 seconds. At the end of which I had a perfect, light dough to be turned out on to my grease proof, lightly floured paper. Without handling too much I then pulled together and flattened with my fingers before chopping up in to large scones (not dissimilar to biscuits which our American friends like).  Finally I egg glazed them and then finely grated a little more cheese on top, never can get enough of that!

After 20 mins at 200C in the oven the result was fantastic. Light, fluffy and full of flavour. These knock the spots of even my own handmade cheese scones. And you can make them gluten free by using Doves GF Self Raising flour in a straight swap.  Another top tip is to use very good quality salty butter – I used West Country butter for added yummyness.

And to point out, while Ernest was doing his thing with the ingredients I was working on my laptop – busy day at the office.

Final Result – Epic win!


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