Beetroot and caramalised onion tart

175g wholemeal flour
100g porridge oats
100g butter
100g grated carrots
3 large onions, sliced
1 tbsp balsamic vinegar
3 medium raw beetroots, peeled and grated and squeezed to remove most of the moisture
3 medium eggs
250ml milk

Heat oven to 180C/gas 4. Pulse the flour, oats and butter in a food processor and blitz until crumb-like, add the grated carrot and continue to process until the mixture comes together to form a ball (you can hand rub the butter into the dry ingredients, add the carrots and press together until a ball is formed), you can add a splash of water if necessary to help form a pliable dough. Carefully roll out the pastry and line a metal 25cm pizza dish or shallow tart case then chill.

Gently cook the onions in balsamic and a little oil for about 15-20 mins until beginning to caramelise. Place the squeezed beetroot in the pastry case and cover with the onions. Whisk the eggs and milk together, season and pour over the onions and beetroot. Bake in the oven, lowering to 160C/gas 3 after 15 mins, for 40 mins or until firm and golden. Serve with a lightly dressed salad. Tip: you can crumble in some feta cheese to the tart before baking for extra yumminess.

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