LBTL 2015 – Day 1

So it begins again, another week of living on £1!  I even managed to persuade my friend Rachael to have a go!  As per usual I start my week with my full shop which I do from a few different places – supermarkets and Asian grocery shops. My shopping list is as follows:

Garlic 0.30
onion (450g) 0.26
potatoes (450g) 0.21
carrot (250g) 0.13
green chillies x4 0.07
Rice 500g 0.23
Lentils 500g 0.99
Penne 500g 0.29
tomato puree x2 cans 0.40
tin tomato x1 0.30
value pasta sauce jar 0.45
Salt 15g 0.09
Crushed chilli 10g 0.10
olive oil 40ml 0.14
turmeric 2g 0.02
cumin 3g 0.02
curry powder 10g 0.09
coconut cream 22g 0.10
peanuts 0.48
Chickpeas 0.33
Total 5.00

I decided this year instead of the stupid super noodles and emergency biscuits to get peanuts for protein and also I was able to budget for a chickpea and potato curry, very excited as to how this will turn out!

I need texture wherever possible so the peanuts serve a dual purpose and I also kept my lunch time soup chunky.  It’s tasty, a little bland as I’ve only used a little pinch of salt and chilli flakes to pair with my onion and garlic base, and those of you who know me will know there are about another 25 spices and herbs missing down from normal!  I view this week in two ways, 1) I’m highlighting the plight of extreme poverty and doing something to raise awareness (even if its just in myself). And 2) I’m cleansing my palate so hopefully the world of flavours and tastes I come back to will be all the more exciting!

So here is the first recipe for you – Lentil and tomato soup:


250g lentils

1 onion, finely chopped

1 carrot, finely chopped

2 cloves garlic, crushed

large pinch chilli flakes

1 tin tomato

Tblsp tomato paste

splash olive oil

pinch salt

handful rice

1 ltr water


Put a large pan on the heat with a splash of olive oil, add onions, carrot and garlic and soften down over a low heat. Once softened add your chilli flakes, pinch of salt, tomato paste, tin tomato and cook for a couple of minutes. Then add the lentils along with the rice and water and simmer until the lentils and rice are cooked. I have left this soup chunky but you can blitz it down for a creamy version which you can then thin down with water.

If you are making this on a normal budget you can use chicken or veg stock instead of water and also add some oregano and ground black pepper.


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