To boldly go…

Difficult as it might be to imagine, I don’t like change :). Even though I am very good at giving things up and finding alternatives, change in any area of my life just doesn’t sit comfortably.  So when it looked like the husband was in fact gluten intolerant, a chunk of me hid under the covers.

I had been aware this might be the case from when we first started dating, based on the groans and moans that followed certain meals or snacks.  So it was some relief when after many years the elephant in the room came and sat down on the sofa to watch telly and not have a biscuit.

I have decided to restart my blog writing as this new adventure seems like a good way of sharing successes (and failures) for those out there who are also new to GF cooking or those who are old veterans and can share tips and recipes with me.

My strategy is to just go for it. I have been out and bought the basics ( various flours and raising agents), I chose Doves brand as they seem to be the most recommended and helpfully the self raising flour already has Xanthum gum in it. As we make our own bread mainly, it’s just a different array of ingredients and will, I’m sure take a little tweaking to get it right, but the area I am most concerned about is pasta. We both love pasta, and again I also really enjoy making my own so I am hoping that just straight substitution of flour will work. There might also be a case for mixing different flours for different types of pasta. I also know that the rolling process will take longer due to the lack of elasticity in the dough, but according to everything I read, preserver and you will get there!

Anyway, I am going to try a cake first as I think I feel most comfortable with that. Recipe to follow and I hope you like it!


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