Live below the line – over the finish line!

Sorry for radio silence since my last post on Day Two, basically I got really grumpy and needed to concentrate hard on completing the challenge.

I needed to break in to my left over pennies and bought a pack of emergency biscuits.  These really helped the last day of the week when I was really hungry.

But I am so pleased to have completed the challenge.  I have learned a lot about what is important when you are on limited rations – texture is paramount and I needed more of this to break up the monotony.  Also using a ceramic pan to cook things or heat things up meant I didn’t need to use fat. so I had nearly half of my butter ration left over.  I also didn’t eat as much rice as I thought I would.  So lots of things to think about for next year!

I am keeping my sponsorship page open until the end of May to try and get as much sponsorship as I can.  Massive thank you to everyone who has donated so far, you are all amazing!

Please, if you haven’t already donate a few quid at

Emergency biscuits
Emergency biscuits



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