Food diary for live below the line challenge – 3 weeks and 5 days to go

After a lot of thought, consultation and generally being horrified at the lack of ingredients that I will have I have finally decided on a menu.

larder1 larder2

My biggest problem is that I have a great store cupboard, as I am the type of cook who likes to have everything that I might need in the cupboard on the off-chance I wake up one morning and think “I really fancy make Welsh Rarebit” – believe me it happens, I did it the other day! Anyway, am including a picture of the afore mentioned store cupboard so you can see exactly what I mean!


So my menu for my week is:

Dhal and rice – dinner

Lentil and tomato soup with chappati – lunches for 4 days

Penne pasta and sauce – dinner

1 pkt Instant Noodles – lunch for 1 day

I decided on the luxury of a packet of instant noodles – chicken flavour of course. I know it’s a dreadful waste of 18p but this is a guilty pleasure of mine under normal circumstances for a cheeky TV snack so it will provide a much needed taste of the normal in a week of very restrained eating for me! I have also included a value jar of pre made pasta sauce which I will add some bits to boost the flavour, believe it or not this is a luxury item too!

As I was toying with a few weeks back, you see I have now firmly decided to go down the lentils route. Mainly for their nutritional value and because one little back can make a lot. Red lentil in particular lend themselves to a simple dhal which I can have with rice and also a good hearty soup when married with a tin of tomatoes and a few other bits. I wanted things which wouldn’t necessarily bloat me up with carbs (so not too much rice or pasta on the advice of someone who has done this before) but that would still be filling and provide energy to see me through the day as I will be working and generally doing my day-to-day stuff so need to be in a fit state to do it!

I have chosen not to include any fruit in the £5 I have to spend, electing instead to include some seasoning, butter and olive oil. This could be a foolish error, but day-to-day I am dreadfully bad at eating fruit anyway and I can easily go a full week without even looking at an apple leave aside eating one, so I don’t think it will be such a big deal for me.

The other big omission from my menu is breakfast. I am really unsure if this is the right thing to do or not. I do not eat breakfast as a rule (unless I am feeling crabby then I eat like a horse). Usually my morning consists of 2-3 cups of tea or 1 cup of coffee and 2 cups of tea and about 2-3 glasses of water, no food.  Obviously I will not be drinking tea or coffee so just water for the week. Most people who do this challenge, and a lot of the suggested menus in fact have bananas on them for breakfast.  Aside from the fact that I cannot stand to be in the same room as a banana, they are really quite expensive when you only have £5 to allocate for everything.

So a risky strategy but lets see what happens. If I end up gnawing my own arm off through hunger we will know that I should have factored in breakfast in some way! Please follow the link below and sponsor me, I will be putting the recipes up for my menu as well as the detailed costing once it is all bought, and also will be doing a daily post during the week 5-9th May to keep you updated on how irritated I will be that I can’t have a chocolate biscuit!

My live below the line fundraising page



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