Roving Foodie Adventures in Seattle: First evening jetlag dinner

So I arrived in Seattle on Sunday evening, and after dumping bags at the hotel headed out to find some food which I could manage to stay awake for. The last time I was here I had my first evening’s dinner at a place in downtown called PF Changs, so I headed there again not wanting to break with tradition!

It’s not somewhere you can really rave about – but equally for a central restaurant which is ultimately tourist heavy it’s not crazy expensive and the food is tasty if not that authentic. The staff are uber friendly (as with everywhere in Seattle), and will ask you a series a of questions ranging from the initial “can I help with you making your dinner choices” all the way through to “how is your food looking?”, “how is it tasting?”, “I can see you’ve had half of it can I get you anything else or are you saving yourself for pudding?”…and it goes on until you give in and resign yourself to the fact that you won’t be allowed to eat one mouthful unobserved or unquestioned.  My waitress, I’m sure thought I was stupid, as I just nodded with a glazed look at her every time she walked by and smiled inanely.

I had something called Dali chicken which comes with plain rice. It’s basically a Szechuan inspired dish and to be fair they throw enough dried red chillies at it to give you a reasonably Szechuan-esque spicy slap round the face. The sauce is thick and tangy, with sliced onions, the darker green part of the spring onion and somewhat confusingly sliced potatoes which at first I thought were water chestnuts.  Seasme seeds scattered over the top complete the look.  Sadly the rice is overcooked – I know they would probably say it’s sticky rice (apparently how to re-name overcooked rice these days) but in reality the grain is so squidgy that it’s barely still rice!  It’s tasty, which is the main thing I want and it’s spicy from all the dried chilles – which could have done with soaking a little  longer I think so that they are easier to chew.  My tired jaws cope only so well before I just swallow them whole and hope for the best – a chilli plant is taking root inside me as I type, I can feel it!

Anyway, if you find yourself in downtown Seattle, by the Westlake centre and are not sure where to eat, you could do a lot worse than PF Changs!

Dali chicken


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