Recipe origins

The celebrity chefs bandwagon that everyone wants to jump on whether they are suited for the role or not seems to be doing very well indeed these days.  Programme after programme is churned out in either a “Jamie Oliver” or a “Nigella” style format, I wonder do they get to choose or does the producer look at them and say “you’re a Nigella for sure, can we turn out most of the lights and get the soft focus camera please” or “Sorry Gok sweetie could you say bung it in the wok instead of stir fry” ? 

Anyway, we spend quite a lot of time watching cooking programmes, usually if the telly is on in the background it’s on Food Network or re-runs of Masterchef.  My first celebrity chef  “crush” was Keith Floyd who I adored watching, what a complete nutcase and trollied most of the time, how I wanted to be that irresponsible and earn money for it! 

Virtually all the recipes listed on this site are tweaked a little from well-known cook books written by the likes of Keith Floyd, Jamie Oliver, Nigel Slater, Nigella Lawson, Gordon Ramsey, Galton Blackiston, Michel Roux Snr and Jnr, Raymond Blanc and many others.  They also come from TV programmes, newspaper and magazine articles and blogs that I happen upon in my day-to-day trawling.  There are a few which are mine and my husband’s – they are probably the very spicy ones! 


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